Beddy's Style Feature: Vintage Blush. Best bedding for TWEENS.

Tween girls- too old for toys and too young for boys. They feel too old for their current bedroom, but there are still a few things that they won't let go of. It is a hard stage transforming from a child to a teenager. Well we at Beddy's want to make that transition so much easier. Our Vintage Blush Beddy's set is the perfect bed set that you need for your tween. You can style in such a way now that it doesn't feel too grown up, but as they get older, it can transform into something they will love then. Here are a few ideas of how to style it for your tween. Then we will show you how to transform it into something they will like as a teenager. 
Styling the Vintage Blush for your Tween Girl
Make It Colorful! 
Adding color really gives it a young feel. It makes the room come alive. We love how this bedroom was styled, courtesy of Colby Tice. This room is seriously adorable! 
Think Whimsical
This is a super cute way to style their room in a way that is still young, but with a few more grown up pieces. The mural in the back is playful and the perfect. The color scheme of the navy, the forest green, and the blush gives it a more romantic vibe and makes it a little older. Hence, perfect for your tween. This gorgeous bedroom is from Classy Clutter.
Transitioning the Vintage Blush for your Teenage Girl
Give Us All the Chandeliers
How gorgeous is this bedroom?? We love the use of navy with the blush. The wallpaper and the chandeliers add femininity and charm. It is so stylish and so perfect for any transition into life as a teenager. See how well the Vintage Blush transitions. You definitely cannot go wrong with this bed set. This bedroom is from Repurpose and Upcycle. 
Add Some Black and White
We LOVE this room! The black and white really give it something extra. The contrast is so beautiful with the Vintage Blush. This would be a super easy transition from a tween to a teen room.