Beddy's Style Feature: Vintage Blush. Shared Girl's Room

Vintage Blush is definitely one of our favorite styles for a girl's bedroom. We love the feminine touch it adds and it is so easy to style, especially if your girls share a room. It can be overwhelming thinking just how you are going to style a bedroom, so here are a few ideas as inspiration.
Think Whimsical
Isn't this bedroom gorgeous? We love how whimsical it is. The mural in the back is gorgeous and it really ties everything in together. The blue and the green pillows mixed with the vintage blush is so adorable. Every detail is so perfect. This gorgeous room is brought to you by Classy Clutter. 
Mix It With Navy
This bedroom is so cute! The navy wallpaper and the miniature chandeliers are so adorable. We love how this room was put together. This gorgeous bedroom is from a collaboration we did with Repurpose and Upcycle.
Pink Chic
Think pink. We love love love this bedroom. It is so perfect for any little girl. The little added touches like the matching dolls and the floral prints really make this room so beautiful. This is a from a collaboration we did with Ellison Made. 
Pair it with Goldie Dots
Another super cute way to style our Vintage Blush in a shared girl's bedroom is with our Goldie Dots Beddy's Set. We love the elegance of the gold mixed with the pink. This would be another super cute way to style a bedroom for your girls. If we have convinced you to order a Vintage Blush Beddy's set.