End Bunk Bed Drama!

Bunk beds are great for families of all sizes. There are so many reasons why bunk beds work. They save you money and they save you space. Not to mention kids love them!

How many of us are constantly trying to find ways to save space? We hear all the time about how minimizing your life can be stress relieving.  Well, why not apply this same concept to your kids’ bedrooms. Bunk beds allow you to save that valuable space that can be used for other furniture, or honestly, as a larger area for your kids to play. Bunk beds are a wonderful way to keep two kids in one room comfortably. They have more room for their toys or whatever it is that makes their world go round.

You really do save money with bunk beds. All you have to spend money on is the actual bunk bed frame and the mattresses which, often times, you can get for the same price you would spend on just one twin bed frame. You can forget about buying box springs and save money as well by not having to buy an extra bed frame for the other bed if you had two separate twins. I don’t know about you, but being able to save even just a little bit of money, makes us super happy.

So if weI haven’t convinced you to switch to bunk beds yet, think about how much fun your kids will have with bunk beds. They will get to climb up a ladder to get to their bed which is honestly a fun adventure for any kid. Not only that, but they will get to sleep higher than they ever have in their life, which is pretty sweet in their eyes. Kids think bunk beds are awesome!

If bunk beds are so awesome, they why doesn’t everyone buy them? It’s because they make “making the bed” a nightmare. Seriously… it is awful trying to tuck those sheets in when you are also straddling the top bunk. Your kids will rarely make their bed.. But guess what? We have the perfect solution. Let me tell you about Beddy’s bedding sets. They are key to making the bed a stress free chore. No more will you have to worry about your kids’ beds being made. It is so easy for them. Everything you need comes together in a set that can be zipped into two separate pieces. The sheets are attached and even better, the top sheet is a soft minky fabric that your kids will love! They are the best beds sheets ever! We have so many design options as well. There are tons of girls and boy beds sheets to choose from, and we have quite a few on sale right now. Literally all your child has to do is zip it up and it is done! Just like that, it’s magic...but seriously. Anything that makes life easier is something to consider and you should definitely consider Beddy’s bed sets especially has a solution to having bunk beds. They are fantastic bunk bed comforters! Follow us on Instagram @beddysbeds and you will see tons of super cute photos of our Beddy’s sets used on bunk beds. They are amazing!

Bunk beds are great for so many reasons and the one reason they aren’t is something that can be easily fixed with a Beddy’s bedding set. It is so easy! You will love them, your kids will love them, and no longer will you have to worry about whether or not your child’s bed has been made. They are the the best option for kids bedding.. Click here to order you Beddy’s set. We know you will love it!