From Bunks to a Loft... A Boy's Room Makeover

Boys Room Makeover

Growing Up!

Since the twins are not sharing a room anymore, we decided to let them have a “room makeover” .  We started with a new bed.  The original bunk bed was really fun because it had stairs.  I felt like the stairs were a safer way to get to the top bunk for younger kids.  Now that they are older the stairs were just taking up valuable space.

Boston has loved having a desk in his room, but with the bunk beds, dresser and night stand, the desk was just making the room feel crowded.  Boston is also my “collector”.  He collects anything and everything so the extra drawers in this loft bed were a total bonus.  We were able to get rid of the plastic bins he stored under his bunk bed.

 Boston was also excited to get rid of some of the decor in his room.  He wanted to have a more grown up feel.  It’s hard to go with a theme as kids get older, but he loved the idea of having his name across the top of his wall.  We were able to find all of these letters at the local Hobby Lobby store. 

He also wanted to switch his bedding to Beddy’s Game On Gray.  It’s perfect for a clean classic look.  I’m telling you, I don’t know how you’d be able to make the bed without this zipper bedding.  It’s also nice because if he kicks around at night, he won’t lose the bedding on the floor.  He also loved the Pirate pillow which I think is a great option since it’s more of a neutral color.  Simple and clean! 

I’ve NEVER used wallpaper before.  I’m still haunted by the thought of removing it.  I just remember watching my mom and mother in law try to remove it.  UNTIL NOW, you guys…this is tempaper.  It’s REMOVABLE wallpaper.  We were able to put it up and transform his room in just one evening.  They have so many incredible designs.  You must check their website out!

Ok, now on to the light….my cute friend Mendee works for Lighting Design and she knows exactly what is on trend in the lighting industry.  I called her and said “You pick out what you think will look good!” She nailed it.    This is perfect.  I’m a makeup girl (so here’s my best description on lighting).  A room without an awesome light it kind of like beautiful makeup without mascara. You just have to finish it with the right light/mascara.   ;)

And there you have it!  Changing up the bed and bedding, adding a few new decorations, change the lighting add an accent wall and TA-DA!! New room.  He’s quite happy with it…and so am I.