Game On Gray: Style Feature

Years ago, when Beddy's released the Game On Beddy's Set, it became an immediate hit. So, we decided to create another style inspired by it's neutral design. We introduced our Game On Gray Beddy's Set, and this sister-style to the Game On Beddy's bed set quickly worked it's way up to our best sellers list.
With it's gray and white rugby stripe exterior, we designed the interior to have a little more texture. The interior sheet is what we call 'Geometric' and pairs well with the bold design on top.
Don't forget, we still have our famous Minky attached to the underside of the top comforter for added softness, and side panels for extra length. 
Here are a couple of our favorite ways we have seen the Game On Gray Beddy's Set styled in rooms. 
Our first feature is styled by Jill from @mossbanklane on Instagram. Jill transformed her son's room from a mom's worst nightmare, to a teenager's paradise- and with Beddy's, no less! She used the Game on Gray Beddy's Set as the center of her son's gaming-themed room, and her words, " This is my son’s room and it has never, and I mean NEVER looked this good!  His new bedding from @beddysbeds is the bomb!" I mean, need we say more?
Our second feature is from Jennifer from @foreveryoungfarmhouse on Instagram. Jennifer, and her husband, DIY'd this cabin-styled bed together for their son as he transitioned out of his crib/toddler bed. Though they loved this bed frame they designed, they dreaded the thought of making the bed in it. Instead of sacrificing their plan, they got the Game On Gray Beddy's Set to get the best of both worlds: easy bed making AND their son's dream bed. 
Lastly, this is a feature styled by Beddy's own designers. We paired the bright and colorful design from Brooklyn and Bailey's 2018 Beddy's line, with the neutral, bold pattern of the Game on Gray Beddy's Set. An unlikely pairing? Maybe. But we think we pulled it off and showed just how versatile this set can be.