by Jess Ingersoll February 22, 2019

5 Leprechaun Trap Ideas Your Kids Will Love

St. Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate with your kids. There are so many fun things to do. Some moms make "Green Feasts" for dinner where everything is green or has been dyed green. Some go on hunts to find the leprechaun's "pot of gold" and one of our favorites, is some moms create leprechaun traps. There are so many different versions that are so adorable, so we decided to share a few.
1. Under the Rainbow Leprechaun Trap
We love this Leprechaun Trap and it is so simple. You can seriously find all those materials at the dollar store so it's cheap too. How fun would it be to make this with your kids? We would definitely recommend trying this one out. This idea comes from Fun Money Mom. Click here to find her instructions. 
2. Traditional Box and Stick Trap
Here is another adorable trap that even the little ones will love because they can help too. It is so simple and will be so fun for them to decorate. This trap is from Dinah Wulf, a DIY blogger for You can find her instructions here.
3. St. Patrick's Day Crafts-Leprechaun Trap
This trap is truly so adorable. This is another simple trap that your kids will easily be able to make. This trap is from Lia Griffith and you can find her instructions here. You kids will have so much fun making this trap. It is so cute!
4. It's A Trap! 5 Steps
This super cute trap includes a pot of gold so of course it would be a hit with the kids. We love this idea! It is from Instructables. You can find the instructions here.
5. Easy LEGO Leprechaun Trap
For those of you who have kids obsessed with LEGOs, this is one you definitely want to try. It is so cute! We love how they designed this. You can get creative too and make your own spin on this LEGO trap. This idea came from Jilleen at You can find her instructions here


Jess Ingersoll
Jess Ingersoll


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