It's Love at First Sight over Love at First White

For over a century it has been said that “April showers bring May flowers” but did you know that’s more than just a reference to your garden? This saying serves as a reminder that beautiful things can come from the most unpleasant of circumstances and our friend Mallory is a shining example of that. She has truly BLOSSOMED through the toughest of times!


Mallory from Mallory Nikolaus Home is one of our favorite friends, and a long-time supporter of Beddy's. We can't get enough of her!

A blonde woman sits on a black accent chair with her arm resting on a round decorative table at the bottom of a circular staircase.

Mallory said that growing up, her family struggled a lot but that she was better for it. It taught her to never give up and that if she worked hard for what she wanted, success was sure to follow. With her work ethic, a "can-do" attitude and a bit of grit, Mallory started DIY projects around her home over 10 years ago alongside her best friend Savannah. They soon decided to start a blog to write about all of their DIY adventures and they quickly amassed a large following. After all, they weren't professional DIY'ers, which made it fun for their audience to follow along with them as they learned new skills and transformed their homes. Mallory and Savannah made DIY feel accessible, doable and fun for their loyal audience.

When a big move took Mallory and her family cross-country, Mallory decided it was time to branch out professionally on her own and start her own blog and respective social media channels. It was at that point Mallory Nikolaus Home was born! As you can imagine, it was a life-changing decision - a new state, a new home, and a new business venture. But through it all, she and Savannah continue to remain the closest of friends.

Mallory's passion for interior design drives her DIY projects and with her social media platform, she works hard to inspire others to not be afraid to make big changes in their own homes. She says she hopes to challenge her followers to be creative in making every inch of their home uniquely them! After all, your home is the one place you can truly be yourself.

The details of your décor should reflect the details of your personality, your family, and the life journey you have been on. This is certainly the case in Mallory’s home. Walking through each stunning space is like flipping through her old photo albums. Seeing where she has been, the people she has loved, and most importantly, how she has progressed throughout her life. Mallory specializes in combining affordable furnishings and her own hard work to achieve the high-end look she loves, but she will tell you her greatest accomplishment is her beautiful family.

As a mother of five boys (yes, we said FIVE boys!), all under the age of twelve, she has found that Beddy’s are an absolute must-have in each of her rooms. Between being a wife, mother to a rambunctious brood of boys, and all of her DIY projects, she loves how much simpler Beddy's makes her life. 


Mallory loves that Beddy’s designs are neutral enough that she can combine them with other accents and décor to achieve a themed space that is the perfect reflection of who they are. However, she says the best part is that when their interests change, she can use the same Beddy’s to transform the space again, fitting to their next stage in life, all without having to change out the bedding.

**BONUS TIP** Our twin, full and queen size Beddy’s fit mattresses up to 15” deep but we understand that often times a mattress used in a kid’s room is much thinner than that. While we caution that anything under 8” may cause your Beddy’s to fit a little loosely and some zipper functionality may be lost, Mallory has a solution to that problem for all of us. MATTRESS SUSPENDERS! Using these will help keep your Beddy’s on snug and your zippers operating smoothly with no extra fabric hanging to get caught.

For years Mallory has used some of our favorite Beddy’s to create some spectacular looks. Just take a look!

Two twin beds sit in front of a dark navy wall with star constellations. The beds both feature our Modern Gray Beddy's and navy accents.

Mallory used our Modern Gray Beddy's to create a space for her aspiring astronauts that is truly out-of-this-world.

Three twin beds sit in a bedroom with board and batten half way up the surrounding walls painted olive green and a multi colored dinosaur print wallpaper goes up the remaining top half of the wall. Beds all feature our oatmeal colored Naturally Boho Beddy's.

She used our Naturally Boho Beddy's to create the perfect dino den.

A dark brown queen bedframe sits in front of a white vertical striped shiplap wall. Gray nightstands sit to each side of the bed and wicker coastal style hanging light pendants hang above each one. Bed features our Nautical Navy Beddy's.

And she used our Nautical Navy Beddy’s to create a cool coastal room for her little beach lover.

We couldn’t help but notice though, that her latest designs all have one thing in common and we’re definitely not complaining about it (yeah, you guessed it! Beddy's!)… 😊


Another one of our most versatile styles is Love at First White, which also happens to be our Product of the Month for April. That means you can get this to-die-for style at a special discount all month long!

Love at First White comes in sizes twin through king in both our minky and all-cotton versions. The soft white color combined with the crinkly linen-like texture is the perfect staple in any room. It can serve as the neutral base for many different looks - pair it with creamy whites for a dreamy, bright look or colorful accents that really pop on this style. It can even be used to brighten up a dark room!

 The following three very different rooms with very different themes, all executed flawlessly AND all using Love at First White shows just how versatile Beddy's can be! Check it out! 

Three full size beds sit in front of a dark black wall. All three beds feature our Love at First Beddy's with Star Wars themed pillow shams and accent blanket at the foot of the bed. 

The force was definitely with Mallory when she dreamed up this Star Wars room for her little Jedi.  

An upholstered leather bedframe sits in front of a blue wall. Tan accents adorn the bed and presidential memorabilia and paintings are placed around the room. 

Mallory also used Love at First White here, along with our Ivy League Blanket, when she created a presidential suite for her little American-History buff.  

The front view of a master bedroom showing the right half of the bed with a glamour glass nightstand to the right and a old framed mirror hanging above. Bed features our Love at First White Beddy's and is accented in blue and mauve accented pillows, one including a floral design in the same colors. 

Mallory chose this same style for herself when it came time to designing her own master bedroom oasis.

  No matter who the room is for or how it is decorated, our Love at First White Beddy’s will have you in love at first sight, but nothing is better than getting it on sale! Am I right?

How will YOU style our Love at First White Beddy's? We want to see! We love seeing the way our customers and affiliates use Beddy's! Please feel free to send us an email or a direct message on our social channels and your room could be featured here on our blog or on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also show us how you style your room with Beddy's, by posting a picture to YOUR social media tagging @beddys and using the hashtag #mybedzips to be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 giftcard to our website. Don’t have a Beddy’s yet but still want to enter? No problem! Use a picture from our website with the hashtag #thisbedzips for the same chance to win!

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