Meet Harper: The Gray Bedding of Your Dreams

The summer launch we’ve all been waiting for is finally here…
For the last eight years, Beddy’s has changed the bedding game with our patented zipper bedding, and it’s only getting better. (If that's even possible?! ;)) Let’s just say, this might be the best summer launch ever.
And now it’s time to show off one of our very new styles, Harper!
When we were designing for summer, we thought about what we love in the summertime: sunshine, brightness, and a clean new day. We wanted to design something that reflects those feelings, and also wanted it to be timeless and airy. And that is how Harper was born! 
Harper sports an exterior platinum waffle fabric that’s dense and full of texture. The interior fitted sheet is bright white with a clean and crisp wide platinum grid. Pictured above is our all-new Harper Beddy’s, paired with our Harper Euro pillows, Harper Medium pillows, Harper XL lumbar pillow, and our Harper XL blanket. How stunning is this bed?!
And of course, it's all tied together with our classic zipper. It’s truly sophisticated, stylish, and can be accessorized in so many ways! We accessorized Harper with a light and breezy blue, bright white accents with delicate navy pinstripes, and the most decadent woven linen XL lumbar with button detailing. Harper just may be our most stunning design yet! 
Harper is such a classic, cool, light gray bed that you never knew you needed… until now ;) The waffle fabric brings in that extra touch that will add some fun texture to any space.
And who doesn’t love a light gray bed?! It’s so versatile, soothing, and inviting, you’ll have a little piece of heaven right in your home. Since Harper is so versatile, when you want to switch up the vibe in your room, it’ll be EASY! Just change out a few pillows, add a new throw, and you’re set. Switch it out for our Mason pillows, Blair medium pillows, Kennedy lumbar pillow, and Aiden blanket, and you’ve got a brand new room!
Now let’s talk about the interior for a second—available in All Cotton and Minky, you can pick your preference of warm and snuggly, or cool and breathable! Our All Cotton interior features 100% cotton lined material, finished with a soft sateen fabric. All Cotton is a great option for individuals who live in warmer climates, but it really is just personal preference! Our Minky interior features a minky fabric lined inside sheet that is seriously like sleeping on a cloud—trust us. Both are so incredibly comfortable, you really can’t go wrong. And the gorgeous thin grid pattern on Harper’s interior will look stunning in an adult room, and so cute in a kid’s room, as well. 
Here’s an example of styling Harper for a girls room—the floral throw and pillow, the pop of color, and RUFFLES! Isn't it just adorable?! Harper is a bed that can grow with your kids. As you've seen, it can be styled in so many ways! Pictured below is the Holland Luxe Accessory Bundle.
And of course, you can style Harper for boys! Add our Leo Accessory Bundle and your boy is sure to really love his new bed. Oh, and he will start making it every morning, too! ;)
Whether it's for yourself, your daughter, son, brother, or friend... Harper is the perfect Beddy's. You really can't go wrong with this sophisticated, stylish, and versatile bedding!
But that's not all... we have THREE other new styles that will get you one step closer to your dream room.
Erin: The most beautiful neutral plaid bedding that you will ever see. Just like all of our sets: so versatile, and so cozy. Easier mornings have never looked so good!
Oliver: Similar to Franklin, Oliver is a textured, deep charcoal fabric that brings a special touch of contrast to any space—and you will be obsessed.
Ava: The sweetest light pink bedding with a pink cross interior, and we've paired it with the cutest white euro pillows and a gold spotted lumbar to tie it all together.
What are you waiting for?! 
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