New Year, New Room!

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We don't know about you, but we are ready to say goodbye to 2020 and start fresh in 2021! For us this means doing some deep cleaning, reorganizing, and redecorating. Making a small change can bring about new perspectives that can help to provide a new and improved outlook to just about any situation. It can be something as simple as new lip gloss or a new throw pillow. Sometimes all it takes is a new look to help improve your views on the future. We have some really great options to help freshen up the rooms in your house and breathe new life into your space (and maybe your outlook too!).  

Beddy's Makes Life Better

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In addition to a fresh look, Beddy’s provides a new way to do something we have done our entire lives - make our bed!  And it does it better! Zipping your bed is SO MUCH quicker and easier than the traditional bed making rituals of old. This all-in-one bedding system fits on your mattress like a fitted sheet and just zips up when it’s time to make the bed. It's a game changer for bunk beds or beds against walls. And it's perfect for all ages - even toddlers can "make" their bed perfectly with Beddy's - and it stays made even when those little monkeys are jumping on the bed!
Beddy's also helps foster a sense of accomplishment and we've found it makes a world of difference with kids who have sensory issues. Nights are snuggly and warm and the covers stay on and mornings are quick and easy. And no more fighting with the kids, or even your significant other, to get the bed made! We call that more than just a win-win. It's a win-win-win-win!
And we are going to say this just a little louder for the people in the back - BEDDY'S ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Moms and dads, teenagers, single bachelors, college kids, ALL. LOVE. BEDDY'S. Even those of us here at Beddy's don't just love them because we work here. We love them because they are so soft and cozy and provide such an improved sleep experience with faster mornings. Who wouldn't like that? Pretty much no one. And do you want to know who one of our favorite fans are? Husbands! We get notes and even videos of these rough and tough, skeptical husbands who try Beddy's and are converted for life! One of our favorite husbands is Shad Field - husband to Jazlyn Field (Jazlyn runs one of our most favorite jewelry sites ever - Goldie Lew). He's a die hard cowboy who loves his Beddy's! 
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Did you know - one of the great things about Beddy's is that the bedding isn't themed and we purposefully offer more neutral designs and colors so you can take literally any of our Beddy's accessories and create your own customized look? And the more neutral designs allow the bedding to grow with your style (or your child)!

Beddy's Child Blankets

Little boy sitting on the end of a bed with a blue and white striped Beddy's blanket wrapped around his shoulder.
Speaking of new, every kid loves a good snuggle so we couldn't resist making our famous Beddy's blankets in these newer smaller child sizes. And they even come with a FREE standard size pillowcase so the kiddos can snuggle in coordinated style!  Perfect for packing for a sleep-over at Grandma's, daytime naps, adding a bit of extra warmth at night, or accessorizing your child's twin bed (they fit the end of a twin bed perfectly), you can never go wrong with a Beddy's blanket.
Did you know - our Beddy's Child Blanket features the same softy minky interior, fluffy inside, and a cool 100% cotton exterior that make these blankets dreamy. The child size is just sized smaller than our traditional large blankets - they are the same size as the top of a twin bed - perfect for your little one (and a smaller price that your wallet will like too). We promise you will not ever want to use another blanket again! 

Beddy's Artwork Downloads

After the holidays, budgets are always a little tight.  Of course a New Year's resolution in most households at this time of year is to always spend less and save more. Want the perfect accent for your room while not breaking the bank? Look no further than Beddy's Exclusive Digital Artwork Downloads
Download, frame, hang and display! It can't get easier than that. And you can't get more coordinated - as they match our Beddy’s flawlessly. We offer more than 50 custom-designed options that not only are perfect for the bedroom, but the quality and imagery is such that they look amazing in just about any living space! 
Did you know - our Artwork Downloads are designed by our very own graphic designer Cori? And they are designed with our Beddy's and accessories in mind, so we aren't kidding when we say they coordinate perfectly. And, you can even get one free when you buy a Beddy's bundle. It's true! They really help to complete your space perfectly. 
Digital download includes three size files, 8.5" x 11", 11" x 14" and 16" x 20". All you need to do is just print and frame at your own convenience!  Pro tip: If you are looking for inexpensive picture frames Ikea has some really great options!

Beddy's Bundles

Light blue bedding on a white bunk bed with multi-color pastel rainbow heart blankets and pillows.
Looking for a slightly bigger change? Beddy’s Bundles are THE. PERFECT. WAY. to refresh your space without having to stress about the details. Our bundles are expertly designed and everything coordinates perfectly. And when you buy in a bundle, you save a bundle! We give you a discount just for buying everything together - just because we are nice like that! 😉
Do you already have your Beddy's and just want to switch up the look or bring it up a notch or two? We've even made that easy too! We also offer accessory-only bundles to either add to your current Beddy's, or purchase with a different Beddy's of your choice so you get the look you want. Our accessory bundles are a great way to update your current Beddy’s and get a whole new look with just pillows and a throw. And these accessory bundles aren’t just for your bedroom either - they are the perfect way to update just about any other living space in your home too!

Throw Pillows

Pillows are a small way to make a big impact. The couch is often the focal point of the room, and don’t you think it should be an inviting one?  Adding the right decorative pillows can make a huge difference. And they are also inexpensive and easy to switch out with the seasons.
But do you know why Beddy's has the best throw pillows? We offer our pillow parts separately - pillow covers and real feather inserts. Why is this so great you ask? First, you can change out your look much more inexpensively by just switching the pillow cover - no more buying entire pillows that you don't know what to do with when they are ugly, smashed and flat. Speaking of ugly, smashed, and flat, the other reason why our pillows are so great is our feather pillow inserts won't go flat over time! You can just fluff them up with a few quick tosses and they are right back to their brand-new glory. And you can manipulate their shape so they stand straight up on your bed or couch - it really does make a visual difference. Once you try them, you'll never go back to using expensive but cheap looking polyester fill pillows! 
Did you know our feather inserts come in three different sizes, Medium, Euro, and Lumbar and fit our pillow covers perfectly! 
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