Pantry Perfection

Who doesn't love an organized pantry? We know all you ladies out there don't want to miss out on a few tips of how to easily organize your pantry. They are so simple, but they will definitely make a huge difference! 
1. Use labels.
Labels are what truly make a beautiful, functional, and organized pantry. They make it super easy to see what is what, especially if anything is out of it's original container. Labels also give your pantry a uniform look and you can design them however you like. Trust us, labels are everything if you truly want an organized pantry. Click here for some free printable labels from The Creativity Exchange. They are adorable. 
2. Section off your pantry.
Basically start categorizing. Put all your baking stuff in one area, your grains in another. Small appliances can be somewhere else. This will make finding whatever it is that you need, so much easier. You can even go as far as making subcategories. Trust us, it will make your time in the kitchen so much more efficient. You will find the things you need easily and cooking might actually become more fun. Kelley Nan from Gracious Living has a super easy way of organizing your pantry with baskets. Check it out here
3. Make sure the stuff you always use is easily accessible. 
This is important. Whether you take a day, a few hours, or 5 minutes to organize your pantry, it's not going to matter if the stuff you need isn't in a convenient place. All your hard work will be for nothing because if it isn't somewhere convenient, you're just going to set it somewhere easy, then forget about it, and then spend 10 minutes looking for it the next time you need it. Your pantry will most likely end up a mess. Simply put it somewhere that is easy to get to where you know you will put it back. Also consider putting anything that is heavy on the bottom. It will be way more accessible that way. One super cute way to make use of the storage underneath is using DIY Rolling Wood Crates. This idea came from A Little of This, A Little of That blog. Click here to learn how to make these cute crates. 
4. Take advantage of the storage hacks like this one - Storing Plastic Bags in a Lysol Wipes Container
We really love this hack. Those plastic bags are great for all sorts of things, but storing them is a nightmare. Glue Sticks and Gumdrops has a really genius solution-Lysol Wipes Containers. You can learn more about the hack here. Who doesn't love a hack like this?