Relaxing Bedroom Ideas & Design Tips for a Tranquil Space

Think about all of the time you spend in your bedroom. Whether reading a book, napping, or watching a movie with your loved ones snuggled up, your time in your bedroom is sacred and special. You deserve a relaxing bedroom design that accommodates your needs and keeps your stress levels low. 

We've compiled a list of relaxing bedroom ideas to help you create a tranquil space that accommodates your sleep patterns and keeps you relaxed and at ease. Here's our top six ideas:

Reduce Clutter and Invest in Storage Space

A disorganized bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind. If you find it hard to relax when you lay in bed, and your thoughts are always racing, excess bedroom clutter may be the reason. A great relaxing bedroom idea is to invest in more storage solutions, donate items you no longer use, and keep your space as minimal and clean as possible. 

Stick With Calming Bedroom Colors 

Neutral or muted pastels are the most calming bedroom colors. These colors are soothing and not too distracting when trying to unwind at the end of the day. Bright colors can be overstimulating for some, leading to restless nights and unnecessary distractions before bed. Instead, stick with nude, grey, white, light blues, or warm neutrals

Switch Out The Artwork 

The artwork in your bedroom should add to the calming atmosphere. Your goal should be to create a welcoming and relaxing space that complements your design preferences. We recommend the following themes:

  • Beachy or Coastal Chic 
  • Minimalist or Scandinavian
  • Nature or Forest 
  • Monochrome
  • Boho

You can find artwork that complements one another while creating a clean, cohesive space you can enjoy.

Set The Mood With Bedroom Lighting 

While bright, fluorescent lighting may be functional, it won't help you fall asleep or relax at night. Instead, aim to create a relaxing ambiance with table lamps, dimmable lights, and softer-colored light bulbs.

You can also use natural lighting to create a calming atmosphere and complement your relaxing bedroom ideas. White or sheer curtains can help filter the sunlight and diffuse the natural light to make your bedroom more inviting and airy. 

Switch to High-Quality Bedding 

The bedding you choose should be inviting and comfortable. The best materials for creating a calming bedroom include silk, 100% cotton, and linen, which provide a luxurious feeling of falling asleep in a hotel bed every night. 

Add Relaxing Décor and Furniture 

Whether reading a book or getting ready for bed, you should feel relaxed and welcome whenever you enter your bedroom. Here are a few ways to add a calming touch to your space with décor:

  • A comfy chair or place to sit in the corner 
  • sheer curtains or window treatments 
  • Add a cozy carpet or floating shelves 
  • Invite nature into the room with houseplants or a tree in the corner

Consider the design of your favorite tranquil bedroom ideas, and start decorating based on your design needs. However, keep things minimal and avoid adding clutter with too much décor.

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