Sharing a Room With Nautical Navy

Nautical Navy is such a great choice for your kids' bedrooms because it is so versatile. There are so many different styles that it works with including a few of our other Beddy's sets. We wanted to share with you a few ideas of how you could style our Nautical Navy Beddy's set in a shared room. 
1. Style our Nautical Navy with our Vintage Blush II
For a boy and girl shared room, these two sets work together perfectly. This photo is from a collaboration we did with Chelsi from Raising Wolves. We love how she styled the room for her two kids. The Nautical Navy works really well with the Vintage Blush II. You can style both to match each unique child, and it still looks amazing! You can find more photos from this room on her instagram @chelslove_. We definitely love this room!  View our Spotted Blanket featured above on the Nautical Navy Beddy's set. You can also view our Enchanting Gold Blanket.
2. Style the Nautical Navy with the Shibori

Our Nautical Navy Beddy's also pairs super well with our Shibori Beddy's set. We love the contrast and it looks especially adorable with the cute pillows and blanket. It gives it a Boho Chic look that any teenage girl would swoon over. This pairing is great for two girls who are sharing a room, but don't want the same bedspreads. You can view the On the Fringe Pillow Cover on the top bunk and the Can't Top Tassels Pillow Cover on the bottom bunk.. You can also view our Boho Blast blanket.

For boys our Nautical Navy would also look good paired with our Game On Gray Beddy's set, which is pictured below.

3. Choose Accessories Unique to Each Child
It's pretty clear that our Nautical Navy Beddy's sets would look great in shared rooms with girls, boys, and the two of them together. We know each kid comes with their own personality so another way to style the Nautical Navy in a shared room is to simply change up the accessories. Maybe one child prefers basketball while the other prefers baseball. You could style each bed with different pillows like the ones below and the room would still look great! We have quite a few sport themed pillows. Our football is featured in the photo above. Our basketball and baseball are featured below.