Special Guest Feature: Arleene from @arleenemendoza

We are excited to introduce Arleene from @arleenemendoza on Instagram. 

Hi! I’m Arleene. Just a mom trying to find new ways to sneak shopping bags inside our home without getting caught by my husband. I am a mom of two boys, Giovanni (7) and Daniel (4).
My husband and I purchased our house 4 years ago. We moved in just in time to welcome our youngest Daniel. We were ecstatic! Of course we all forget how stressful it is to actually settle down. One of the rooms we knew had to get done first was our boys room. 
I grew up sharing a room with my siblings until a certain age and till this day those are some of my favorite memories. Sharing your room to me means stronger bonds. When my youngest was born I knew I wanted them to share a room. Their room has transitioned from having a crib and a toddler bed, to having two toddler beds, to now having bunk beds! 
However, those bunk beds were really stressing me out. Blankets and sheets always balled up, meant the beds were never made and it just made the room always look uninviting. I tried different sheets and nothing stayed put. But then I came across Beddy’s and it was nothing but a good review after another. 
They have beautiful design’s for everyone. The fabric is so soft and comfortable or like my kids say “Mom, it’s squishy”. The best part of Beddy’s in this momma’s eye though is the zipper. One zip and the bed is made? Yes, Please! My kids love to wake up extra early to play with their toys before they come to our room and since we’ve had Beddy’s sheets I wake up to their beds made without me having to say anything. It’s a miracle!
You can find more from Arleene by visiting her website HERE.