by Abby Combs June 18, 2018

Check out what Tiffany from @tiffany3366 says about her new Beddy's bed! 

I also wanted to add that we have the CUTEST bedding on to Cora’s Toddler House Bed. It’s from a brand called Beddy’s and it’s the most brilliant creation ever!! I know what you’re thinking, how can bedding make me so excited?!?! But this literally does! Say bye-bye to having a messy, unmade bed with Beddy’s. The fitted sheet & comforter are actually attached together with a zipper that runs around your mattress, so all you do is unzip it down enough to get into bed. The next morning, instead of having a comforter all bunched up at the bottom or up over your face, you have a comforter exactly in the same spot that you just zip right back up. It takes 2 seconds LITERALLY! I had this bedding on my own bed before I upgraded sizes in mattress and I absolutely loved it. It’s really great for couples beds too, especially if you or your significant other are cover hogs. I also love it for Cora because it’s easy to keep her room straight & she can already make her bed at 1.5yrs old because she knows how to use the zipper….WIN!! The set we have on Cora’s bed is Get Happy, which fits her room decor perfectly with the colorful polka dots. I could not recommend Beddy’s Zipper Bedding enough!!

Abby Combs
Abby Combs


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