Special Guest: Jordan Kahn from @abluenest

We are excited to hear from Jordan from @abluenest. Here's her experience with Beddy's and how it's helping her daughter feel more comfortable after a family tragedy. 
"After losing our home to a fire in January, being in a temporary rental for four months and then moving to a new city, I knew when we moved into our new house that our oldest daughter’s room was one of the first I wanted to tackle. She's been through so much since January, and I wanted to make sure that she felt safe and at home here. Getting a bed and new bedding was first on the list because we didn't have either of those things when we moved in! Ava had Beddy's in her last room, so I was anxious to get her another set. Since the fire, I've tried to re-buy a lot of the same items we previously had to help things feel familiar to both the girls and myself. That's helped so much in combating some of my anxieties that come from so many changes at once. This time, I went for the Chic White bedding and bed skirt instead of the same Vintage Blush Beddy's Ava had in her previous room. It’s such a classic choice and my hope is that it will grow well with her through the years."