3 Party Games Guaranteed To Get Everyone Laughing

Our favorite games are those that get everyone laughing. We love getting together with friends and family and it's always so fun when we have something that gets us all laughing our heads off. 
We have three party games that are super simple and are guaranteed to make anyone laugh. 
1. What Do You Meme?
This is definitely one you need if you want to get everyone laughing. It's similar to Apples to Apples in simplicity, but you pair a caption card with a photo card. The caption cards and photos are ridiculous! It will win you over as soon as you start playing! 
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2. 5 Second Rule
This a super fun family game that is great for all ages. It should be so simple to name three zoo animals, but doing it in 5 seconds, makes it so hard. Your words turn into a tongue twister and it feels next to impossible to do. The best is watching your opponents get flustered. When you're not under pressure it's super easy to think of 3 things, but as soon as the timer goes it becomes so much harder! It is so fun and will sure to bring lots of laughs! 
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3. Speak Out 
This game is great! It supplies you each with a mouthpiece that doesn't let you close your mouth. Then you have to say different phrases with it in and it definitely does not come out the way you would think. Plus everyone looks absolutely ridiculous. In this game, players draw cards from the deck and read each phrase as best as they can. They are timed and have to get their team members to guess what they are saying. We love this game because whether you are participating or are just simply watching, you won't be able stop laughing! 
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We love these games at Beddy's and we hope you will enjoy them too!