Top 5 Bedding Trends for 2023

We all know the feeling - that inevitable boredom that creeps in when you've had the same bedroom design for too long. You start rearranging furniture, browsing for new wall art, and searching for the latest bedding trends of 2023. The key to fighting this boredom is to keep up with bedding trends and invest in trending bedding sets.

You're in the right place if you're ready to revamp your current bedding with trending bedding sets. We're here to walk you through the five bedding trends of 2023 on our radar. 

Let's take a closer look at five trends in bedding:

1. Neutral Colors and Warm Tones

Since 2022, people have increasingly favored neutral color palettes to add a timeless look to their bedroom or guest room, with earthy tones, warm colors, and pink undertones. Neutral colors provide peace of mind, so you don't have to worry about your trending bedroom sets going out of style. The colors are subtle, neutral, and pleasing enough to be a bedding trend you can enjoy for years. 

2. Maximalist Patterns 

Say goodbye to minimalist designs and hello to maximalist patterns and styles. Whether mixing and matching pillows or choosing a vibrant, oversized duvet with an intricate pattern, maximalist prints add a playful, elevated touch to your favorite bedrooms. You can have fun mixing and matching the designs with different pillowcases and customize them to be as detailed or simple as you want. This is the beauty of maximalist design – it encourages creative expression!

3. Accent Pillows 

Pillows are a fun, playful way to enhance your bedding with a splash of color or a contrasting texture. Simple, bright, or bold, you can't go wrong with a few additional pillows to accentuate other designs and details inside your bedroom, including your headboard, wall art, or side tables. 

4. Crazy for Different Tones of Green

We see a ton of lime green on the runway and in the fashion industry. While lime green color doesn't always translate well to trending bedding 2023, you can be playful with different shades of green to get a similar effect.

The color green has an earthy yet high-end appearance, making it an ideal choice to add a pop of color to the master bedroom. Additionally, you can dress it up or down to match your personality. Green bedding is versatile and suitable for every season, providing confidence in your choice of bedding for winter, spring, summer, and fall.

5. Contrasting Textures

No matter the season, layered bedding will always be in style, allowing you to showcase various textures and patterns with your trending bedding in 2023. Whether you aim to achieve a boho feel or an elegant design, incorporating different textures and textiles can help you achieve the desired finished look.

We recommend starting with a simple, subtle colored base, like a Beddy's bedding duvet cover. Then play with different throw blankets, pillows, and wall art to add some contrast and create a high-end look that feels more luxurious than it costs. 

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