Valentine's Day Craft Idea: 52 Reasons Why I Love You

Wouldn't it be great to have all the reasons why you love someone in writing, so that they can always look back on it? Well this craft would be a perfect way to do just that and what better time to make it than for Valentine's Day. You can make it for your spouse or your kids could make it for each other and for you. Another idea is to do it for your spouse, but to also have some of the reasons come from your kids too. It is super simple and incredibly inexpensive. All you really need is a deck of cards.
Step 1: Type up 52 reasons of why you love that person. We might suggest formatting the page in 3 columns because it will make it easier to keep the text to the right size. Make sure the text isn't too big or too small because it will have to fit on the playing card. Also don't forget to include the title "52 Reasons Why I Love You." That will be your on your first card. 
Step 2: Print them out and start cutting. Each reason will have its own card so make sure it fits.
Step 3: Glue or tape the text on each card. You can get a deck of cards from Amazon here
Step 4: Laminate each card. This is optional, but we would strongly recommend it. It looks so good when each card is laminated and it will last much longer.
Step 5: Hole punch each card in the same corner. This will allow you to put all of the cards on a ring. It is a simple way to keep them all together and makes it easier to flip them all when you are reading them. The ring that we used can be found at Walmart by where they sell all of their keys and key ring accessories. You can also get them at Amazon here. 
***One side note is that this would be a great gift for birthdays and Christmas. One of our employees made this for each of her parents and her in-laws for Christmas and they loved it! There are so many ways to do this for the one that you love. Don't be afraid to be creative.