What Is a Bedding Sham?

Feel like something is missing from your bedroom? Tired of dirt, dust, and allergens gathering on the pillows you sleep with every night? Wish there was a playful way to spruce up your space and add an elevated touch? It sounds like you need a bed sham.

This decorative must-have is a quick and easy way to add visual appeal to your space while protecting the pillows you use every day. If you wonder “what is a bedding sham,” you've come to the right place for decorative inspiration!

So, what are shams in bedding? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a Bedding Sham?

Bed shams (or pillow shams) are decorative pillow covers you can remove from your bed before sleeping. This decorative bedroom accessory comes in many different materials and is more structured than an everyday pillow, which ensures your bedding always has a clean, coherent look.

Bedding shams come in three sizes: Euro shame, standard sham, and king sham. Each has a unique look, and you can mix and match to create a decorative look that elevates your entire bedroom.  

A bed sham is also a tool to protect your pillows. Without them, dust, allergens, and other bacteria can gather on your bed pillows leading to allergies, irritation, and discomfort.

There are many benefits to using decorative pillows. Here are a few reasons to consider adding them to your space:

  • Hides plain, everyday-use pillows behind a decorative façade.
  • Ties together different design elements in your room.
  • They come in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and styles
  • Protect your pillows so you can wash them less and use them longer

Bed Sham Materials and Designs 

The beauty of pillow shams is that you can get as decorative as you want. Whether it's coastal chic, modern farmhouse, or the guest room at your lake house - each style and bedroom can benefit from a sham pillow.

You can get creative with your chosen materials and designs to spice up your space. A bed sham comes in different materials, including cotton, linen, and even satin. When you select one for your bedroom, you'll want to find a design that ties in the different elements in your space.

Here are some of our top-selling designs:

Lennon Luxe Sham

The Lennon Luxe Sham features lightly textured, white stitching across the pillow. The delicate and simple pattern add exquisite detail to your bedroom, and our quilted sham pillows hold the shape.

Kennedy Sham

The Kennedy Sham pillow features a modern and sleek design, which is an excellent option if you have a black-and-white bedroom or seek a simple monochrome design that won't detract from the other details. This sham and all of our others have an inside flap that keeps your pillow tags tucked away for a nice, composed look. 

Boston Luxe Sham

A luscious brown sham with subtle textures and details that elevate your space without detracting from other decorative components. This option pairs well with our Boston Luxe Beddy's Set.

Is a bedding sham the same as a pillow sham?

Yes, a bedding sham is the same as a pillow sham. 

Elevate Your Space With Beddy's

At Beddy's, we have a variety of decorative pillow shams with intricate designs, bold colors, and playful patterns. The sham pillow will hide your everyday pillows and help you achieve a decorative and composed look. 

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