What Is a Duvet Cover Set?

When shopping for new bedding for your bedroom, you may be overwhelmed by your options and how they all work. Like everyone else, you need a warm and comfortable solution that's easy to maintain, cozy, and complements your bedroom décor. 

A duvet cover set may be the perfect solution! So what is a duvet cover set? We'll walk you through it and help you make a decision.

What Is a Duvet Cover Set?

A duvet cover set is a lightweight bedding with real down feathers or a down alternative. When you search for "duvet set" online, you'll find numerous images of big plush blankets draped over beds. A duvet cover set a dreamy addition that brings a high-end, luxurious feel to your bedding, reminiscent of the comfort and opulence of expensive hotels

So what comes with a duvet cover set? A duvet cover set typically includes a comforter and a cover, with the duvet as the blanket inside the cover, which acts as a protective shell, encasing your beloved duvet like how pillowcases cover your pillows. Some duvet cover sets include both the duvet and cover, while others offer just the cover.

Duvet Cover vs. Comforter

A comforter is one item stitched together. They have a similar feel to a duvet cover set and usually contain down feathers or a down alternative. The big difference is that a comforter doesn't need a cover. Comforters have two combined layers, so you'll pair them with your top sheet. 

Benefits of a Duvet Cover

Protective Layer

The cover acts as a protective layer, protecting your comforter from dust, dirt, body oil, and bacteria. While most individuals attempt to preserve their comforter with a top sheet, it can be challenging at night as it moves around and rarely stays in one place.

Top sheets also make it harder to make your bed in the mornings. With a duvet cover set, you can get the peace of mind you need that your favorite comforter is clean and protected.  

Increasing the Longevity of your Comforter

Comforters can be expensive, and when people invest in one, they expect it to last at least 15-25 years. However, if you don't have a protective top sheet or a protective layer, your comforter may look worn down in a few years. A duvet set protects you from normal wear and tear, increases your investment's longevity, and saves you time and money.

Make The Comforter Cozier 

Certain duvet sets can be more comfortable than the comforter itself! Decorative comforters or those made with rough polyester may not always provide optimal comfort.

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