Looking for a Stand-out Wedding Gift?

There are always plenty of options when it comes to buying wedding gifts. From registries to gift cards, you can know that what you give the newlyweds is wanted, needed, and appreciated. But nothing quite compares to that gift that’s unexpected and completely gorgeous. Especially after opening all those extra towel sets they definitely didn’t ask for.

If you want your gift to stand out, it should be beautiful and useful. While many couples ask for sheets or bedding, you don’t have to go the route of the traditional sheet set. With Beddy’s, you can give them so much more: ease, comfort, style, and versatility.


Beddy’s is bedding that actually makes life easier by combining sheets and a stylish comforter in one piece. The bottom layer hugs the mattress like a fitted sheet, and the comforter zips into place on top.

To make the bed, you simply zip it together. In seconds, the newlyweds can have a neatly made bed that looks like it’s been painstakingly tucked in. Beddy’s sets are designed for a clean, streamlined look, so the made bed actually looks like you have a perfectly fitted comforter.

On top of giving the happy couple the easiest-made bed in the world, you’re making laundry day a little easier, too. Instead of having to figure out how to wash a comforter or quilt that doesn’t fit in the washing machine, the entire Beddy’s set goes in the washer in one piece.


Beddy’s are also wonderfully soft and comfortable. With our soft sheet layer on the bottom and our minky, cuddly fabric lining the comforter, the lucky couple is guaranteed a cozy night’s sleep.


Did we mention that Beddy’s sets are beautiful? Whatever the couple’s style, there’s a Beddy’s they will love. All Beddy’s sets come in both full and queen size, complete with pillowcases and shams to match. Two of our popular neutral-colored sets, Modern Gray Ruffles and Chic White, are available in king size. (Definitely ask or check the couple’s wedding registry to make sure you’re getting the right size!)

Of course you can simply ask what colors they prefer, but if you really want it to be a surprise, neutrals like our styles in white and gray are the perfect choice. They fit beautifully in almost any style or color palette. You can also take the couple’s wedding colors as inspiration. And you can always use what you know about their personalities.


Even if it turns out the newlyweds have bedding they love, having an alternative is always useful, especially when it’s one as stylish as Beddy’s. It also makes a great set for the couple’s guest room, and it’s perfect for RVs or camping, which means they can take it on their next outdoor getaway.

So next time you need a wedding gift for a couple you love, think outside the box—and the regular old sheet set. Go for something that will really stand out, something that’s everything a wedding gift should be: useful, high quality, and beautiful. They’ll be happy to have a gift that makes their new life easier and their home more comfortable.

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