Blanket vs. Throw: What's the Difference?

When shopping for bedding, you may feel overwhelmed by the options available. Do I need a blanket if I have a comforter? Are blankets only good for the winter? Is a throw the same as a blanket? Do I need both options in my home?

We're here to walk you through the difference between a throw and a blanket, so you can decide which option is best for your bedroom. 

Let's take a closer look at throw vs blanket:

What Are Throw Blankets?

A throw blanket is a casual bedroom accessory that typically complements the decor in the bedroom and adds an elevated touch to your space. These blankets are usually made with materials like wool, fleece, or cashmere and are great to have around the house whenever you need to "throw" a blanket over your legs when you're cold. 

What are Blankets?

Bed blankets are thin, lightweight blankets designed for people to throw over their beds. You can always count on these year-round solutions to get a good night's rest, no matter what temperature it is. 

A bed blanket is typically made with cotton or down material and is great to have around the house whenever you have guests over or looking for a lightweight option to sleep with. 

Benefits of a Throw Blanket for Bed

Add a Pop of Color to Your Bedroom

Whether you feel like your bed is missing something or want to get playful and add a pop of color - you can't go wrong with adding a throw blanket. Throw blankets are a great bedroom accessory that can add a playful touch to your bedroom decor.

Add Texture 

Throw blankets for beds can also add texture to a space. These blankets come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles to choose from. We recommend considering a fuzzy blanket, a chunky knit throw, or a cashmere style.

Great For When You Don't Want to Re-Make Your Bed

A throw blanket is the perfect solution if you're cold but not ready to jump into bed yet. A throw is a go-to that will keep a perfectly made bed even if you want to get cozy while watching TV or a movie. It's there to grab when you need it, and you can easily fold it up or "throw" it back where it was when you finish using it.

Benefits of a Bed Blanket for Bed


Bed blankets are a functional and versatile bedroom essential. They are great for adding a boost of warmth during the winter months. It's also perfect if you're looking for a lightweight alternative to your down comforter. 


Bed blankets are larger, making them ideal for sleeping. In contrast, throw blankets are much smaller in design and are less practical to sleep with every night. 

Practical Use Cases

A throw blanket may complement your bedroom decor, but there are more practical sleeping choices. With a bed blanket, you'll always have a warm, breathable solution you can count on when you have friends over or you're looking for an extra layer of warmth at night. 

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