Gift Guide: A Few of Our Favorite Things


The gift-giving season is here and we thought it would be fun to put together a few gift ideas we thought you would love. Finding gifts for the ones we love can be stressful which is why we tried to think of something for everyone. 

1. Beddy's Bed Set
So first and foremost we had to put our Beddy's Bedding Set as the number one gift on our Holiday Gift Guide. This could be a gift for your parents, your kids, your nieces and nephews, your grandchildren, your best friend and we have no doubt that everyone of them would absolutely LOVE it! We have tons of different styles and designs to choose from. The best part is we are having a BOGO sale right now that you do not want to miss! Click here to find the Beddy's set that is perfect for your loved one. View our Checked Out No Minky Beddy's sets (pictured above).
2. Twisted Silver Girls Club (Monthly Subscription)
For all the women in your life. We love everything Twisted Silver and we know they will too! There are so many gorgeous and totally unique designs. The Twisted Silver Girls Club is a monthly subscription where you get $100 worth of jewelry for only $39. It is risk free, so if you don't like the jewelry, you can send it back. This subscription would be the best gift because it is a gift that will keep on giving. What is better than that? We cannot even tell you how good of a gift this would be.
3. Instant Pot
Something for your future college student. These Instant Pots are true life savers when you need to make a meal fast and in the easiest way possible. So basically your college student will actually eat home cooked meal more than when they come home to visit. It is like six appliances in one and will be a gift they can use forever. This is definitely a Christmas must-have. Target is having some awesome Black Friday deals coming up and one of them is the Instant Pot. 
4. Beddy's Pajamas
For the one who loves all things cozy. Our new Beddy's pajamas are so soft and so comfortable and everyone loves them. These pajamas would make the perfect gift for the one you love, trust us. They are seriously the best pajamas we have ever had! View our Check Me Out Pajamas. They are on sale right now too, so hurry and get them before they are gone. 
5. The Ultimate Griller Dry Rub Box For Him
For the man in your life that is super hard to shop for. This is the ultimate dry rub box for any griller. They will definitely love it. The Spice Alliance makes all of their rubs with completely natural ingredients and they make them in small batches so that the rub is super fresh. 
6. Amazon Echo
For the techy in the family. The Amazon Echo is the smart device of your dreams. It plays music, connects to all of your smart devices, answers to commands, and so much more. This is something that truly can be enjoyed by everyone at home. 
7. Herb Garden Kit
For the Green Thumb in the family. This is another fun and unique gift idea. The best herbs are the ones that you grow yourself. It is a great way to add some green into your home and bring a little bit of the outside in. 
8. Beddy's Blankets

This would be the perfect gift for the snuggler in the family. Our blankets are so soft and super warm. These blankets would make great gifts for all of your loved ones. We have quite a few styles that we know you will love! View all of the Beddy's blankets. You can also find our the Checked Out blanket pictured above
9. SuperNova Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser
For your mama and honestly everyone else. Who doesn't love coming home to good smells? Well this diffuser is a perfect gift for your mom and anyone else that appreciates a good smelling home. This diffuser has a beautiful design and is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is add some water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 
10. Beddy's Buddies
For all of the little ones in your life. Our Beddy's Buddies are so adorable and would make great gifts for children of all ages. Roary, pictured above, comes with a free downloadable book that your little ones will love. We also have three other free downloadable books for all of your kids to enjoy as well.