Holiday Donations & Gifts That Make A Difference


It's the season for giving! While you shop for gifts to put under the Christmas tree for your friends and loved ones, remember to also think about holiday donations! Giving back during the holidays is a great way to help your community and bring joy to others in need. Whether through cash, supplies, or food, every holiday donation you make creates a significant impact.

This holiday season, Beddy's is dedicated to helping you fulfill your charitable wishlist. We put together a list of holiday donation ideas you can use as inspiration to help others in your community. Here's everything you need to know:

Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

There are many ways to contribute to those needing assistance during the holiday season that don't involve giving money. Even if you're tight on cash, there's a way to have a positive impact. When looking for a way to help others, consider what you have to give and what others need. Here are three holiday donation ideas to consider:

Donate to a Food Bank
Combating food insecurity is crucial. Donating perishable and non-perishable food items to a local food bank provides much-needed relief to families and individuals facing hunger. This holiday donation can be relatively affordable. 

Donate to a Food Drive
Donating is a great way to collect toys for kids in need. The toys go to hospital patients, orphanages, or parents who can't afford Christmas gifts. Can’t find a toy drive near you? Why not start your own?  It’s a great way to get your coworkers, family, and friends involved in the experience and to share the holiday spirit with the ones you love most.

Donate to an Animal Shelter
Our furry friends need help during the holidays, too! If you can't make a cash holiday donation to a local animal shelter or rescue, consider donating toys, food, and other necessities. You can also consider donating your time by volunteering at a local shelter. This is a great way to ensure even the animals in your community have a wonderful holiday. 

Give Back to a Good Cause
What ignites your passion? Whether it’s breast cancer, world hunger, or animal lives, aligning with a cause that resonates with you makes  your holiday donations even more meaningful. Once you find a cause you’re passionate about, you can learn more about ways to donate on their website.

How You Can Donate to Make-a-Wish Foundation

 At Beddy’s, we’re passionate about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization dedicated to fulling wished of kids and adults with critical illnesses. Whether it's a special gift or experience, they strive to use holiday donations to make wishes come true for over 15,600 individuals a year. If you'd like to make a holiday donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation this year, here's how you can:

Donate Directly on their Website
You can make a one-time holiday donation directly on the Make-A-Wish Foundation website. Every donation, no matter how big or small, counts.

Buy Beddy's
For every purchase made on our website, Beddy's donates a portion of the proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Whether it's a throw blanket, bedding set, or decorative pillows, when you shop with Beddy's, you're also helping grant wishes.

It’s no secret that Beddy’s are the ultimate gift for anyone on your list, but you may not realize just how many benefits Beddy’s offers to each and every one of your recipients. Not only do they come in colors and prints that will look great in any room, but the quality and comfort are unmatched. Beddy's are perfect for any age. With the genius design and functionality of a zipper, Beddy’s keeps your covers on at night, but also makes making-your-bed in the morning a cinch!

Beddy’s are a dream for the young ones learning to make their bed for the first time, the young-at-heart who may have lost their ability to do this task for themselves, for people with varying special needs and even for some people with other physical challenges. Not only does this provide the independence everyone craves, it also gives them a boost to their confidence knowing they can now make their bed all on their own. When you give the gift of Beddy’s you’re not only giving your loved ones a better night’s sleep and a smoother morning, you’re giving them so much more! Did you know your gift is not only making a difference in the lives of those you love, but is also making a difference in the lives of others as well? That’s right...people you’ve never even met, and you’re making an impact in their lives bigger than you ever could have imagined.

Donate Airline Miles
Have extra airline miles saved up? Instead of using them for your next vacation, consider donating them to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. All airline miles donated cover travel expenses to help fulfill wishes. 

Donate Hotel Points
Make-A-Wish Foundation also accepts hotel loyalty points as a holiday donation. This is a great way to give back during the holidays, and you can feel confident your hotel points will be used to grant wishes for children and people in critical need.

Make-A-Wish With Beddy's

We believe in giving back, and because of you, we are able to do just that. Because of your support, Beddy’s is able to give back in a way we never thought was possible. Your Beddy’s purchase really does make a difference, not only for the receiver but in the lives of these children.

Beddy's Holiday Donation Stories

Beyond providing financial support to this incredible organization, Beddy’s has the opportunity to plan and carry out wish reveals for some of these special kids, and we’re giving you an inside peek at a few of our latest reveals and the impressive child behind each one.

Here’s a look at some of our Make-a-Wish donation stories:

Meet Ira

We are so excited to introduce you to Wish Kid, Ira. He is a remarkable six-year-old with a respiratory disorder and other significant medical conditions. Despite these challenges, Ira’s resilient spirit and infectious joy make him a true inspiration.

We were honored to be able to plan Ira's Wish Reveal - a special event designed to let him know his wish for a pop-up trailer was being granted. Ira’s family received VIP access to an outdoor Christmas light drive-thru and a special scavenger hunt. After dinosaurs had run rampant throughout the park, it was up to Ira and his family to find all the missing dinosaur eggs, break them open, and unscramble the clues. After a successful mission, Ira and his family were led to a treasure chest that included gifts for all and the big announcement that he would receive his pop-up trailer!


When the big day came, we couldn’t help but throw in a few extra surprises for him and his family which (of course) included a Beddy’s for every bed in their new trailer.

Meet McKayla 

Meet Mckayla, an adorable, courageous 11-year-old full of fun and fight. Unusual stomach pain led McKayla’s wise pediatrician to run tests, discovering McKayla’s cancer diagnosis and liver issues. Her dream? To step into the shoes of a zookeeper, an aspiration that was about to become a reality. 

This reveal was extra special as it also happened to fall on McKayla’s birthday. We put the “art” in “party” and decided to throw a virtual surprise paint party for her and her friends. Everyone  received a paint kit and a birthday box of party supplies, before joining a call for step-by-step instructions via Zoom.

The party was done but the fun was not, McKayla stepped outside for the biggest reveal. Complete with an animal-themed birthday cake and balloon arch, this animal lover's heart was left completely full.

Meet Isabel

Isabel was given the nickname “hummingbird” because she’s always on the move. Her fun and positive outlook on life keeps her buzzing with ideas. At six months old it was discovered that Isabel had only one partially functioning kidney, and after years of doing all they could do to delay the inevitable, it became obvious that she was in desperate need of a transplant. Their family was blessed with a true miracle when her older brother (through adoption and not blood-related) was a match and volunteered to be the donor.

This particular wish reveal was grand in every sense of the word! The Springville, UT High School cheerleaders, marching band, and color guard all joined in the festivities to let Isabel know her wish for a shopping spree was being granted!



And as if that wasn't enough, we thought we'd get Isabel some training for her shopping spree by sending her and her family on a “shopping-spree training camp” that night! They were whisked away in a party van and taken to Target where each and every member of their family was provided a $100 gift card and 30 minutes to get whatever they wanted. Outfitted with custom shopping bags, the family shopped 'til they dropped!

 Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a happy and outgoing little girl. She is sassy, feisty, and friendly. She loves to color, paint, and play outside but above all else…. Jocelyn is OBSESSED with all things Disney! 

In May 2019, Jocelyn’s family received the heartbreaking news that she was being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Jocelyn was only 17 months old at the time. Following her diagnosis, Jocelyn went through a year of chemotherapy and radiation. In July of 2020, Jocelyn’s family was once again delivered the devastating news that Jocelyn had relapsed. In May of 2021, Jocelyn underwent surgery and additional rounds of treatments.

Although typically we participate in the “wish reveal,” this time we assisted with the actual “wish day." Her wish was to be a princess for the day.

After a tea party for family members at the prestigious Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah (with a few surprises, of course 😉), the guests were then moved to the next location for Jocelyn’s Royal Ball. They were greeted by the most exquisite horse-drawn carriage and taken on a short ride. When entering the ballroom, they found all their family and friends, along with 14 other special guests… Moana, Cinderella, and every other princess in between. All were in attendance for Jocelyn’s special day.

After a catered dinner and a show by performers, Jocelyn danced the night away before being showered with gifts.

Meet Boston

Boston is a 6-year-old boy with a big personality and a great sense of humor. He loves Legos, Star Wars, and dinosaurs. When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, his life was turned upside down, but learning that his condition qualified him to receive a wish, gave him hope during a difficult time. 

Knowing Boston loves dinosaurs, we had the perfect location in mind - the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT and arranged for Boston and his family to be given exclusive access and a guided tour from the residential paleontologist.


Between exhibits, the family enjoyed two short activities before Boston was given a personalized lab coat and invited into the lab to assist with a real dinosaur fossil.

After completing his work, Boston and his family went back outside for one more surprise. The Beddy’s team finally revealed his wish for a hot tub would soon be granted!

Making wishes come true for these special kids is more fulfilling than we could ever have dreamed. We always come away from these special events with full hearts and grateful spirits. Because you support Beddy's, we in turn can pay it forward. Your purchases really do make a difference!