Five Awesome Under-bed Storage Hacks

Okay so I think we can all agree that there is just never enough storage, ever, especially in the bedroom. That space under the bed can be so hard to access which is why we searched all around and found five different under-bed storage solutions that we think might just be what you are looking for. 
1. DIY Rolling Storage Crates
We wanted to start with one that is really simple and we thought you guys would definitely love! Who doesn't love a storage hack that rolls? Plus it gives the perfect rustic vibe to the bedroom. These storage crates are real simple to make and they are sure to give you that extra space you really needed. Jackie from School of Decorating came up with this super cute storage hack.
2. DIY Under- bed Toy Box on Wheels
You can never have too much space in the bedroom. It's one thing to find enough space for all of your kids clothes and all of their shoes, but what about their toys? It can be so overwhelming finding a good storage solution for your kids' bedrooms so we thought you guys would appreciate this idea, an under-bed box perfect to keep all of their toys stored and secure. Plus it makes it super easy for your little ones to put their toys away. Grillo Designs came up with a super easy way to create your perfect under-bed toy box on wheels. 
3. Transform Old Drawers Into Under-bed Storage
Do you have any old dressers that you aren't using? Well we have found a super cool way of re-purposing those drawers! Mindi from shared a super easy way on of how to turn your old drawers into under-bed storage and they are actually really cute! We definitely think you should check it out! You save money and you get something new and what is better than that? 
4. Build Your Own Under-Storage Box
Another way to save some money and get a little more storage is by building your own under-storage box. It's actually pretty simple and can easily be done in a day. Richard Popovic from offers a simplistic plan that is easy to follow. It is actually a super cute box and it still gives you an opportunity to customize it how you like.
5. Take Advantage of a Platform Storage Bed
Platform beds are great storage solutions, but they can be pretty pricey. Dabney Frake from gave us some really cute ideas of how to use IKEA products to make your own platform bed. Some of them would actually work PERFECT in a college dorm room. It would give your college student so much extra storage and we think they would really love it. 
Just one more thing, our Beddy's sets are PERFECT for platform beds. Literally they are life savers because you don't have to tuck them underneath the mattress. It makes having a platform bed so much easier. Trust us, if you want a platform bed then you absolutely NEED a Beddy's bed sets. They are also great for a college dorm room because making the bed is 100 times easier with one, meaning your college student will actually make their bed in the morning. A platform bed with a Beddy's set is definitely something you have to consider if you have any college students. They are also great if you have any beds in the corner of the room because of how easy they are to zip up.