Beddy's on the Road

It's almost "officially" summer which means it's time to hit the road! How many of you have plans to go camping, travel the country, or just get out and enjoy all that this beautiful world has to offer? As you all know by now (or should know by now 😜) Beddy's zipper bedding isn't just amazing in your home, but they are especially great in your RV, campers, or trailers! So whether you are a full time fifth wheeler or a part time toy hauler that can't wait to get out, Beddy's RV zipper bedding will change the way you "wheel."

At the end of a long day on the road, hiking, or exploring - all you really want to do is flop in to bed and watch a movie or read a book, am I right? Beddy's zipper bedding is the only way to go! Not only do Beddy's make making the bed SO EASY and fun, they are also cozy and comfy too! There is no better way to end a long day then crawling into your Beddy's to spend the evening relaxing in your home-away-from-home! And as you know, RV's have really close quarters, which means you don't have the normal space to work with when it comes to making your bed. So the fix is in, and all you have to do is zip! Can it get any easier than that? Don't worry... you can thank us later! 

Do you happen to follow @rvfixerupper on Instagram? If not you should be! Go check out their amazing transformations. They do RV renovations and you would seriously have no idea that all of the rooms on their feed, are rooms in an RV! We just love them and love what they had to say about Beddy's. "We moved the bed against the wall, allowing for a full sized queen instead of a short queen. This is where Beddy's came in and saved the day! Their bedding is so perfect for RV's where we have tight quarters, but we want our bedrooms to be beautiful and functional." So if some of you out there are still skeptical (like I used to be) thinking that an RV couldn't be beautiful, go check out their page and they will definitely prove you wrong. 

One question we get over and over again is if "Beddy's work on RV mattresses?" The answer is obviously YES!! Beddy's are perfect for weekend warrior's sleeping quarters and make your life on the go so much easier! 

Choosing the right size Beddy's zipper bedding for your RV mattress is simple. The first thing you need to do is gather three measurements-the width of the mattress, the length of the mattress, and the depth of the mattress (how tall it is).

If your mattress is at least 6 inches deep, then make sure you purchase the Beddy’s set that most closely matches the width of your mattress. If the width does not match exactly, consider that a mattress that is wider than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride on the top of the mattress, while a mattress that is slightly narrower than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride lower on the sides. The elastic bottom on Beddy's will pull the bedding in nice and tight regardless. Choose the option that best fits your situation and order away!


Here are the measurements of all the Beddy’s sizes we carry:

Toddler – 28 X 52 inches or 71.12 X 132.08 centimeters

Twin - 39 X 75 inches or 99.06 X 190.5 centimeters

Twin XL - 39 X 80 inches or 99.06 X 203.5 centimeters

Full - 54 X 75 inches or 137.16 X 190.5 centimeters

Queen - 60 X 80 inches or 152.4 X 203.2 centimeters

King - 76 X79.5 inches or 193 X 201.93 centimeters


Twin, full, and queen sizes all fit up to a 15" deep mattress and king size fits up to 18" mattress. If your mattress is less than 6 inches deep, the bedding may look slightly loose. We have a tip from our customers though that you're going to love. We have had many tell us that they use mattress clips or suspenders (that are available on Amazon and very affordable). Using either of those will create that tighter fit Beddy's so that it is looking nice and neat, but also allows full functionality of the zipper. So if you happen to have a thinner mattress (which most RV's do), no need to worry. Beddy's will still work great and will be the solution to all your bed making problems!

Down sizing and living on the road is the new rage and I have to say, It sounds AMAZING! "Less is more" is the mantra of this cute family of 6. Have you ever thought about giving your enormous life a little downsize? Tiny Shiny Home packed up their home years ago, moved in to an Airstream full time and are now working on building their dream home off the grid. In many RV's the bunk beds can convert right into a couch (as shown above). How cool is that?!? With Beddy's zipper bedding being one piece, it will stay beautifully put together when you convert the bed! Then when you are ready to head to bed at the end of a long day, all you do is slide the bed back to being bunk beds, and your bedding is ready to go! Genius!!

Now... how many of you like going camping and when I say "camping" I mean sleeping in a tent or under the stars? And if you like camping, do you like sleeping in a sleeping bag? Not me!  Sleeping bags are way to tight and constricting for me personally. I'm pretty sure you all feel the same way I do. I have never met anyone who actually likes sleeping bags. Great news - we have the best trick that will change the way you "camp". This is something we do often and you're going to love it!  All you need to do is cover your deflated air mattress with your Beddy's. When you reach your destination, inflate the air mattress, and bam, it is almost like you are at home! Seriously.... can camping get any better than that? #yourwelcome Now even better...if you are like me and aren't really a camping person, this trick would also be perfect for "camping" in your backyard or family room! You'll be sure to be the best mom or dad when you suggest having a camp out at home with your kiddos and you won't even have to suffer while doing it! 

Of course no camping trip is complete with out a campfire. And if you are like me, the warmth of the fire is only complete with a cozy blanket. Beddy's has you covered, literally. We have sixteen different Beddy's Blankets to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect style for you. Beddy's blankets are 60 x 80 which is big enough to cuddle with someone, or wrap yourself up! Our blankets are cotton on one side and the softest minky on the other. They will keep you warm all night long!

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